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AdTech Insider with Nikunj from NDTV

August 18, 2022 3 min read
AdTech Insider with Nikunj Khanna from NDTV


AdTech Insider with Nikunj from NDTV

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Strategic alliances are essential for organizations looking to grow and seize new business opportunities. Getting these partnerships right, however, requires intended and calculated efforts involving strategic decisions, partner evaluation, and longer-term alliance management. To understand all that goes behind forming strong partnerships and alliances in the ad tech space, we interviewed Nikunj Khanna, who works towards forming key alliances and partnerships at NDTV and manages high-value deals with partners such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc. Let’s have a look at this week’s AdTech Insider to gather some valuable insights.

Nikunj’s Career Path

“Back in 2008, I started my consulting job as an analyst. During this stint, I got exposure to a lot of industries, including FMCG, retail, etc. After long 6.5 years, I decided to try something on my own from a business standpoint. It was at this time when I got to know that NDTV was coming up with its e-commerce portal. Though I intended on working with the e-commerce segment earlier, however, I ended up joined joining their media segment vertical at NDTV. It’s been 7 years now and I can say that NDTV is a great place to work!”

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How Nikunj fosters good relationships at NDTV?

“I strongly believe in the saying – “You’re as good as your ability to influence others.” Communication and understanding requirements are very essential for fostering good relationships in this fast-paced world. There is a different way of communicating with each segment of the working class. Everyone has their own objectives, and it is my job to understand that. Once I identify with these, it is easy to find alignment and get things going.”

Views about the digital business model of NDTV

Each partnership is unique at NDTV. There is a rigorous research process required for each potential partnership to set common objectives. Goals are set for each party, and once they align, a partnership can be forged. This is a recurring activity with business reviews in order to cater to every changing requirement.”

Thoughts on a candid day at work for Nikunj

“I start my day with a cup of coffee. Usually, my calendar is booked 2-3 days in advance, but as they say, nothing goes as per plan. My work depends on stakeholder objectives, so we may not be responsible for some things, but we are certainly accountable for everything. My phone is buzzing away throughout the day, in terms of streamlining and coordinating activities for various ongoing internal and external initiatives. So even if my calendar looks light some days, it isn’t the case.”

What makes NDTV stand apart in terms of its culture?

“At NDTV, we believe in following a “Greenfield environment”, which means that I can walk up to my bosses with new concepts to try, and they are always open to discussion, this keeps us ahead of the curve in the industry. Due to this, NDTV also has some first-in-market stories that we’re very proud to talk about.

Experience with VDO.AI

“Since the beginning of NDTV’s association with VDO.AI, Amandeep and I had a very clear vision as to what was required and had chalked out KPIs for each party to make this partnership successful. Fortuitously, both NDTV and VDO.AI started achieving the KPIs immediately post-launch. The way forward also looks promising and we will constantly work together to build further on the relationship. Both teams are working together to identify how we can broaden the scope of our engagement.”

About Nikunj

Having over 15+ years of experience in Business Strategy, Growth & Transformation, Nikunj is currently heading the Strategic Alliances and Partnerships Business Unit for the digital arm of NDTV. He has not only multi-industry exposure but also a unique understanding of the pros and cons of various approaches to the market. As a part of his current role, he looks into corporate strategy, new business opportunities, key business account management, data-centric decision making, and much more.

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