Private Video Ecosystem

Gain meaningful visibility from the right users on leading publishers

Global Reach

We are directly integrated with over 1000+ leading publishers who are exclusive. We have oppotunities which deliver high viewability and maximum ROI.

We are streaming over 3 petabyte of video content and serving over 5 billion impressions every month to users around the globe.

Brand Safety

We directly integrate with our publishers, we have first party measurement for all our placements and we are in partnership with brand safety providers like Pixalate to ensure brand safety.

Our placements are custom made and have highest viewability versus other placements on the same property. All video opportunities on our platform are exclusive and cannot be accessed outside VDO.AI channel.

Fantastic Support

We have dedicated performance manager for our advertisers. Our teams work closely with you right from campaign setup to optimization.

We understand your unique objectives and ensure that the campaign is setup, targetted and optimized to ensure the maximum ROI and performance.

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