Full Stack CTV Monetization

Enabling broadcasters, AVOD streaming services and TV manufacturers monetize

Maximize Revenue with Unified Auction

VDO.AI equips CTV publishers with lucrative ad monetization solutions through intelligently managed Unified Auction. Our advanced video tech and auction decisioning engine makes sure that your every impression is sold at the highest possible CPM.


Video Header Bidding

VDO.AI has been a first mover in video monetization for web and mobile, now CTV broadcasters can access this advanced bidding technology by enabling multiple demand sources to bid at the same time.


Progressive Ad Server Technology

Our ad server is uniquely attuned for your CTV/OTT ad campaign slots. Acquire exhaustive control over impression goals, delivery speed, and frequency capping across all platforms. Create an advanced reader journey with automation that drives engagement and revenue.


Seamless Ad Insertion

VDO.AI optimizes the stream to contextually deliver the highest-quality ads to each available ad slot. Give your users a seamless experience with zero ad breakage and consistency across platforms.

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