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Unlock New Revenue & Engagement

New revenue stream through ad experiences that engage your users

Engagement Across Screens

Access the power of video to engage users and maximize monetization. Our video formats empower publishers to leverage the power of video advertising with turnkey solutions at scale.

Multiple integration Options

Easily setup integration via VAST, Header Bidding, VMAP and SDK options. Experience seamless omnichannel video across multiple devices with our advanced technology.


Responsive Content Delivery Network

Receive unmatched revenue and security with our content delivery network (CDN). Our geographically distributed group of servers work together to provide fast delivery of video content to all our publishers. VDO.AI curates remunerative ad monetization solutions by giving access to tailor-made video streaming infrastructure.


Engagement-driven advertising works better

Experience our premium demand marketplace and video formats which hit right on your top-line by delivering incremental revenue and pageviews at the same time.


Case Studies

A Leading Gaming Website

We enabled an increase in website revenue by 42%. The site received intelligently improved ad revenue by using VDO.AI’s highly interactive video units and rightful optimization practices.


Higher Revenue


Decreased Bounce Rate


Increased Engagement


Frequently asked questions

To start delivering innovative and engaging experience to your visitors and earn incremental revenue, all you have to do is Sign Up as our publisher using the Contact Us form. You can also contact us directly by writing to us on hello@vdo.ai. See you there!
That depends on a lot of factors including your existing ad setup and the level of integration with our platform, but to give you a rough and reasonable estimate, we’ve delivered an average revenue uplift of 43% to our publishing partners.
Account creation takes around 15 minutes, after which you have to verify your website with us by including a single line of code into the header of your website. Our ad ops team will then proceed with assisted setup depending on the scope of work.
Yes. Optimization is a numbers game, we can only deliver results proportional to your baseline revenue. Keeping that in mind, we work with websites that are already generating at least $4,000 in monthly ad revenue.
No. Since VDO.AI is only concerned with the optimization of ad layouts, our testing may involve experimenting with how many ads are served and where. We don’t intervene with the actual content or layout of your website at any point, in fact we'll optimize it for better.
Indeed. You can always reach out to us at hello@vdo.ai or fill in the contact form as a publisher and we will reach out to you soon.