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Publisher Revenue Unlocked

April 20, 2021 3 min read


Publisher Revenue Unlocked

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With the advent of the 21st century, advertising has been a great source of publisher revenue and a great source of sales for advertisers. And now that we are well established in the digital age, the AdTech industry has been seeing major growth. Throughout the last decade, there was a steady growth in websites opting for advertising on their website for increased revenue.

According to a report from IAB, 54% of agencies now purchase over 41% of their video programmatically, which is a major increase from 50% in 2019. However, as the numbers in this industry are getting more and more, the publishers are getting more and more impatient. And due to this, there has been very fierce competition between different advertising platforms to get a chance to showcase the power of their units.

As the trial periods are getting shorter and shorter, there is a very limited time for the advertisers to get all the demand perfectly allocated to a website. This leads to loss of revenue from many fronts and loss of publishers as well. So, what can publishers do to ensure that their website is fully utilized, in terms of revenue?

Consistency is the key

As a direct profit reaper of the AdTech industries, the publishers should realize that the key to gaining more revenue is to be patient. As more and more advertising platforms are joining the competition, there can be an urge to try ’em all.

However, it takes some time for an advertising platform to optimize and apply all the relevant demand ads on a specific website. Advertisers take very steady steps to get the idea of the website and to optimize their ads according to the demographic stats of the website. So, it is at the hands of the publishers to allow the time or not.

Now, with new emerging advertising units like the Recirc™ Unit, this patience and consistency can play out in the publisher’s welfare. With the help of such story players, publishers can showcase their articles to increase their traffic. This helps in two ways:

  • It helps the publishers to gain more page views per session, increasing the time on site. This is great to get more revenue per one session.
  • It helps the advertising platforms to optimize their demand faster and better, with more and more ads pouring in, improving the fill rate.

Optimization is the lock

According to Econsultancy and Google Marketing and Measurement Survey, 90% of marketers believe that personalization contributes to business profitability. This alone shows how optimization and personalization play a pivotal role in getting maximized returns.

Programmatic advertising has been constantly improving itself as well by introducing different types of units. And it takes a lot of advertiser’s efforts to realize these changes and allocate their resources accordingly.

Many factors like demographic, type of unit, availability of product, acclamation to the internet and reliability are to be considered to optimize an ad. And to provide this optimized demand according to the units and website, an advertising unit has to jump through many hoops.

publisher revenue | VDO.AI

Revenue is the treasure

When a publisher allows more time and access to the advertising platform, it can harness the real power of the programmatic revenue. Also, it is the responsibility of the advertising platforms to optimize the demand for the publisher and stand true to the numbers. 

According to IAB reports, advertisers who invest more than 41% of their display budget into programmatic have increased from 55% in 2019 to 70% in 2020. And as there is an influx of new and new advertisers, publishers will be seeing great numbers ahead. And it is the job of publishers to understand how the AdTech industry works and optimize according to it to get more and more revenue.


All said and done, it is the responsibility of publishers and advertisers alike to maintain a regular growth trajectory for this industry. And to do so, both have to be aware of the industry and the changes being made. As publishers provide more time, the advertising platforms will be able to improve benefits for the publishers, advertisers and themselves as well.

Platforms such as VDO.AI help both publishers and advertisers to monetize their websites and ads by targeting and reaching the right audience with their in-house ad server and OTT/CTV cross-platform supported ad units. Want to know more? Drop us an email at [email protected].

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