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How Video Advertising Captured Audiences during Pride, Juneteenth and Euro 2020

June 29, 2021 3 min read
How advertising captured audiences during pride, juneteenth and euro 2020


How Video Advertising Captured Audiences during Pride, Juneteenth and Euro 2020

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This June isn’t like any other month. It’s June 2021 – a perfect amalgamation of positivity, celebrations and remarkable occasions studded with the best Video Advertising practices!

We have been progressing every year and have been celebrating Pride and Juneteenth with the utmost respect for the historical movements and creating a significant impact around the globe. With EURO 2020 getting postponed last year due to the spread of the deadly coronavirus in major parts of the world, everyone is full of spirits and is cherishing the life before the pandemic while supporting their favorite football teams. Due to the phenomenal video content, this June is remarkable and everyone is more engrossed than ever!

Rainbow Colors and Pride 2021

The pride month is here and the energy around has been astonishing. The escalating representation of the LGBTQIA+ community in all areas of life has been promoting inclusivity through advertising and is affecting Gen Z through positive content promotion. In all sorts of content that we consume and promote, the community and the allies have been focusing on spreading awareness. People have been coming up and sharing their stories and the allies haven’t ever been more engaged in creating a safer space.

Impact of Video Advertising

Although more advertising campaigns feature members of the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month, the numbers are still shockingly low. In fact, of all advertisements run globally in 2016, only 47 of those advertisements featured lesbian, gay, or transgender people. That’s less than 1%.

The progressive representation can be seen recently in advertisements of Campbell’s I am your Father Ad, Coca Cola Pool Boy, Burger King Love Conquers All etc. Video content by companies like Kodak and Absolut is also promoting inclusivity and diversity and is engaging the audience around the globe.

Along with this, a lot of movies and TV shows have been focusing on increasing the queer representation in the cast and the characters. Over time, even games, including Star Wars and Tell Me Why, have been inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ community and allows players to pursue queer characters in the game. In all, the rise in video content along the queer community has been one of the most progressive steps taken this June.

EURO 2O20: The Continued Enthusiasm in June 2021

How Video Advertising Captured Audiences during Pride, Juneteenth and Euro 2020 - VDO.AI
EURO 2020 began on 11th June 2021

As the pandemic pushed EURO 2020 by an entire year, the same has only stoked up the eagerness and enthusiasm for the much-awaited championship. The kickoff started on the 11th of June and will continue for an entire month. The 16th European Championship EURO 2020 is being hosted in 11 cities in 11 UEFA countries and the consecutive competitive matches are only making it difficult for all football enthusiasts to predict the winner of this championship. The matches and the highlights are being played on repeat and keeping everyone captivated!

EURO 2020 Inspired Video Advertising

The video advertisements on EURO 2020 have been taking over the internet. Some of them are Adidas EURO 2020, Paddy Power EURO 2020 and Heineken Finally Together. Similar video content has increased the pre-existing hype for the championship and has caught the eyes of the audience.

Supporting Juneteenth

Juneteenth holds a special place in the hearts of all people, not just around the United States but all around the world since it commemorates the end of slavery in the States. 2020’s BLM movement only makes this year’s Juneteenth even more significant and the same has resulted in a lot of people talking about it and consuming content on the subject.

As racial discrimination still exists, the same has been diminishing due to more awareness and support through video advertising. Companies are running advertisements to honor Juneteenth through OTT and CTV Advertising. Movies like The Black Panther, content on black athletes and activists have been addressing racism in the States. The video content has been raising apprehension towards the menace and the celebratory reason behind Juneteenth!


The coverage on these issues and occasions has been massive this June. The content has been helping in bringing a significant change and keeping the audience engrossed globally. Keep yourself updated with the most relevant content on Pride, Juneteenth and EURO 2020 this June with VDO.AI!

Saanya is a Marketing Intern at VDO.AI. She is extremely passionate about content writing and branding and loves to have her creative juices flowing round the clock.