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Ad Mediation: A Guide for Publishers to Optimize Revenue

June 8, 2023 3 min read


Ad Mediation: A Guide for Publishers to Optimize Revenue

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Publishers in the current app development landscape encounter a multitude of challenges. These include optimizing user experience, achieving revenue goals, and managing multiple demand sources.  One critical tool that can help address these challenges is ad mediation

It was initially designed to enhance revenue optimization. Later, it has evolved to cater to the increasingly complex needs of publishers.

In this article, we will explore how mediation works, why it is crucial, and what App publishers should consider when choosing an ad mediator.

Why Ad Mediation is Important?

Ad mediation plays a crucial role in delivering optimal advertising revenue while respecting other key performance indicators (KPIs) and the commitments of app publishers

Furthermore, it saves monetization teams valuable time and enables them to focus on more impactful projects. 

Mediation offers a dynamic approach to revenue optimization, especially for publishers still relying on monetization waterfalls. 

Mainly, it promotes demand diversity, creating a more competitive and lucrative revenue ecosystem for apps.

How does Ad Mediation Work?

Ad mediation aims to optimize advertising revenue by assessing real-time advertisement opportunities from various demand sources. 

Besides, mediation identifies the most suitable advertisement for a specific user at any given moment by employing an auction process.

So, this benefits all stakeholders involved, including publishers, advertisers, and end users. 

Effective mediation drives higher eCPMs and delivers relevant & enjoyable ads. Not only that but it also improves campaign performance.

Key Considerations for App Publishers in Choosing an Ad Mediation Solution

App publishers should consider certain essential elements in their Ad mediation tech solution to fully leverage the benefits of the same. 

  • Absolute Transparency

First and foremost, app publishers require full transparency in the mediation process. This ensures no hidden auction dynamics and upfront pricing. 

Transparency allows app publishers to make informed decisions and assess business costs accurately. 

Lack of transparency is a top concern for app publishers, impacting trust in mediation companies.

  • Unmitigated Control

Every app is unique, and monetizing various user types requires granular control mechanisms. 

So, app publishers should seek mediation solutions that allow user segmentation based on behavior, context, demographics, and custom parameters. 

Having control over the mediation process is valued by publishers, even if it means paying for greater control options.

  • Flexibility

Mediation solutions must accommodate varying demand sources and preferences across different apps. 

So, app publishers should verify that their mediation technology allows them to choose demand partners and third-party vendors. 

Furthermore, it is crucial to have the ability to create adapters for custom demand sources and integrate them seamlessly.

What’s Next in Mediation?

To address the need for control, flexibility, and transparency in ad monetization, many app publishers are reconsidering their mediation approach. 

Ad relevance, publisher control, and trust-building with ad tech vendors have emerged as crucial factors. 

A majority of app publishers express concerns about control and transparency in their current mediation solutions. 

App publishers without their own mediation platforms prefer managing mediation in-house with an outside tech company handling the infrastructure.

Final Thoughts

Ad mediation has become an indispensable tool for app publishers seeking to optimize revenue and enhance user experience.

App publishers can make informed decisions when selecting a mediation solution, by understanding how mediation works and considering the key elements of transparency, control, and flexibility.

The future of mediation lies in empowering app publishers to take control of their monetization strategies while building trust and transparency with ad tech partners. 

So, by embracing these principles, app publishers can unlock their growth potential in 2023 and beyond.

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Harshita Mittal is a Content Writer, having experience in closely working with B2C and B2B businesses. She has a background in marketing and is keen to learn new things.