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Q2 Advertising Report: Unlocking Indian Summer Advertising Success

May 7, 2024 3 min read
India Q2 advertising report for summer advertising success


Q2 Advertising Report: Unlocking Indian Summer Advertising Success

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Want to make big this summer? Gear up for your summer advertising campaigns with our latest Q2 Advertising Report, “Rays of Revenue: Harnessing the Summer Opportunities.” Dive into its insights to enhance your marketing plan for maximum impact. 

As the temperature rises, so does the chance for advertisers and publishers to capitalize on increased customer engagement and revenue generation. Wondering how?

In 2023, Indians spent a remarkable 22,800 billion rupees during the summer season. Projections for 2024 are even more promising, with early summer trends, particularly in fashion, expected to surge by 65%, as per surveys conducted by VDO.AI.

Furthermore, India boasts over 820 million active internet users, setting the stage for a thriving digital advertising landscape, particularly during the summer months. Google Trends further underscores this potential, revealing a significant 156% increase in summer-related searches, highlighting vast opportunities for marketers.

Q2 Advertising Quote by Shubham Shobhit- head of integrated planning Foxymoron

How Brands Plan to Ride the Summer Advertising Wave

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Summer 2024 in India is forecasted to bring warmer days and nights, with above-normal temperatures anticipated across most regions. This prediction holds significant implications for summer sales and brands operating in the country. The expected temperature rise is poised to fuel consumer demand for various summer essentials, including electronics, clothing, beverages, ice creams, and soaps.

Despite the initial focus on fashion, marketers acknowledge that consumer interests span a wider spectrum. Companies are gearing up for heightened production levels, anticipating increased consumer spending during the general elections and a more favorable summer season compared to the previous year.

  • In an interview with the Economic Times, Mr. Jay Mehta, MD of AMUL, expressed optimism about significant summer growth. He remarked, “Considering the modest base from last year, a 45-50% growth in all product categories seems achievable for this season.”
  • The consumer electronics sector is all set for a prosperous summer, with increased advertising investments. Blue Star, a leading brand, has doubled its ad spend, eyeing a 25% surge in AC revenue.’
  • Daikin shares the optimism, expecting a 15-20% sales boost and gearing up production accordingly, as per Kanwal Jeet Jawa, Chairman of Daikin Air-Conditioning India.’

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Emerging Consumer Trends Fueling the Summer Advertising Landscape

cosumer trends fueling summer advertising in India

Increased Household Spending

Indian household spending is on the rise, driven by a yearly increase in disposable income. With over 25.8% of households expected to have annual disposable incomes exceeding 8.3 Lakh+ INR by 2027, the potential for consumer spending is immense.

Digital Advertising Dominance

Digital advertising is emerging as a powerhouse, boasting a remarkable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.49%. This trend is expected to continue during the summer season, presenting ample opportunities for marketers.

Youth Driving Consumer Shopping Trends

This year, the young population, comprising 33% aged 20 to 33, is driving consumer spending trends. With a growing number of middle to high-income households, the launch of ‘Shopping Yan’ is fueling summer spending.

Curious to Know More?

Curious to Know More?

What Does it Mean for Advertisers and Publishers?

Summer sees a consistent rise in consumer spending, presenting prime opportunities for publishers and advertisers.

While advertisers are betting big on summer advertising to expand their consumer base and increase customer interactions, conversions, and ROAS, publishers are presented with a significant opportunity to uplift their monetisation avenues by providing the platform (website/app) for advertisers to advertise.

Furthermore, with a strong inclination in Indian consumers to learn more about what they are associating with, 83% of consumer journeys occur through independent research and internal deliberation, while only 17% occur directly with the vendor.

This makes the role of publishers highly prominent in the two-thirds part of the consumer buying journey (Discovery, Consideration, Purchase).

Beat the Heat with Our Q2 Advertising Report

The insights provided above offer just a glimpse of the immense opportunity awaiting exploration.

Download the report to gain in-depth insights into key industry growth and outlook, the changing consumer behaviour in the Indian markets, how to maximise revenue gains across streams and screens with high-yielding ad formats.

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