Top of The Class Ads: 6 Reasons to Target Back to School Season

May 29, 2024 3 min read
6 Reasons to target Back to school


Top of The Class Ads: 6 Reasons to Target Back to School Season

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Interestingly, An average family with K-12 children plans to spend as much or more on back to school supplies than on holiday gifts! This massive consumer spending season kicks off well before the fall semester even begins, high time for businesses to reach eager shoppers with targeted advertising campaigns.

Here are some Back to School insights to make your ads top of the class

1. Massive Consumer Spending on Back to School Supplies

The average family with children in elementary through high school plans to spend a record-breaking $890.07 on back to school items, which is $25 more than last year’s record. With economic downturns, budget consciousness is a major factor for families this back to school season. Shoppers are stretching their dollars, seeking compelling offers and discounts.

2. Record-Breaking Season Spending

American households were projected to spend a total of $41.5 billion on back to school shopping in 2023. Back-to-college spending is reaching unprecedented levels, with an average of $1,366.95 expected per student. BTS is going to be large, and lucrative, it’s time to cash in on the enthusiasm.

Historical holiday sales and 2023 forecast.

3. Early and Extended Shopping Season

The traditional back to school shopping season may seem like a long-established event, but advertisers are starting their campaigns earlier than ever. With 55% of consumers starting their back to school shopping as early as July and continuing throughout October, the market is brimming with eagerness.

Month wise comparison on when do consumers plan to make their Back to school and back to college purchases.

4. High Demand for Electronics and Computers

Electronics and computers are now a major back to school expense, averaging $325.96 per household. Shoppers are on the lookout for laptops (51%), tablets (36%), and calculators (29%), on average 51% of their spending on electronics is influenced by school requirements. ‘This the season to reach your target audience with lucrative promotional offers. 

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5. Growing Online Shopping Trends

Focusing on budgeting, families are increasingly using debit cards for back to school shopping. Understanding this shift toward controlled spending helps in personalizing ad messages. On average, 52% of back to school shopping is done online. By leveraging online channels effectively, you can reach shoppers actively seeking the best deals and value for their money.

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6. Shift in Consumer Behavior

In 2023, during the weeks of August 7 and August 14, four out of five major retailers analyzed double-digit increase in customer engagement. This extended timeframe reflects a shift in consumer behavior. Consequently, it allows us to strategically plan our campaigns to capture attention throughout the BTS season.

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Make your brand stand out this BTS season

How do you make your brand stand out in this competitive landscape? Grab attention early with captivating video ads, showcasing the latest trends and hottest deals. Interactive elements can further engage potential customers, helping them find the perfect products for their needs.

Don’t underestimate the power of the BTS season. Plan your campaigns to reach eager shoppers throughout July to October, with targeted messaging that emphasizes value and caters to their desire for the best deals.

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