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Decoding Advertising with Marlo Anderson, Founder at National Day Calendar

March 22, 2021 3 min read
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Decoding Advertising with Marlo Anderson, Founder at National Day Calendar

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We recently approached our publisher, Marlo Anderson, Founder at National Day Calendar, one stop destination for the widest variety of national days one will find anywhere.

Marlo holds more than two decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur and successfully hosts a popular radio show ‘The Tech Ranch’ in the US. He is popularly known as “The Guru of Geek.”

With a passion for start-ups, Marlo has been directly involved in the creation of Pakkage, Talking Trail, Zoovio, Awesome 2 Products, Q1 Network and National Day Calendar.

Marlo on his Journey as a Publisher

“The biggest lesson I have learned is how important it is to be consistent.  Whether you do a post a week once a week or one a day, your easiest way to build a following is publishing content consistently.”

– Marlo

As rightly said by Marlo, being consistent is the key to digital growth. Once you find a good balance in the amount you post for different kinds of content, be consistent when sharing that content. Having a posting schedule ensures consistency in when you post and what you share.

On New Age Programmatic Video Advertising

Programmatic video advertising is certainly more engaging to your audience, which, of course, increases views and click-through rate.  So if you want to make more money per visitor, programmatic video advertising is a great option.”

– Marlo

On Quarter 01 Slump

“My team at National Day Calendar has been reviewing our website to find places where we could add additional advertising without disrupting the visitor experience. We have also worked hard to make sure our traffic increases during this time, so if CPMs drop, we can compensate with more visitors.”

– Marlo

On Technologies & Revenue Sources

“Google analytics, SEMrush and Alexa Traffic Rank are important tools for us.  Also anything we can do that automates processes such as co-schedule and IFTTT. As far as revenue sources are concerned, we’ve deployed VDO.AI’s Native Engaging Ad Units, along with Google’s banner ads. A combination for both video and static ads have turned out to be beneficial for us.”

– Marlo

On Types of Advertisements

“We tend to mix it up a bit with ads so they are all important to us.  However, as some ads types perform better, we will switch out with those that are not.  I certainly feel that you should not have all your ads coming from one source like Google AdSense.  Being dependent on one source could be disastrous for you if there ever is an issue. Interstitial ads are certainly important. The one challenge with Interstitial ads is that your audience may not be motivated to click on it as they are waiting for a game page or information page to load.”

– Marlo

One Tip for your fellow Publishers

“Stay true to your passion.  You are already doing what you love and you have a platform to tell the world about it.  As long as you stay consistent in how you share with the world, the rest will follow.”

– Marlo

Last Words for the VDO.AI Team

“I am extremely happy with VDO.AI’s proactive team. Keep on rocking the AdTech. Love what you are doing and looking forward to a long term partnership.”

– Marlo

About Marlo

Marlo Anderson, a serial entrepreneur, and futurist is best known for being the founder of National Day Calendar. With over 12 million people following Marlo online, National Day Calendar is the most popular trending topic of all time. He has appeared in most major newspapers from the Wall Street Journal to the Fargo Forum.

His community projects include 1 Million Cups ND, the North Dakota Automated Vehicle Collaborative, The North Dakota Scenic Byway, North Dakota Music Hall of Fame and the Mandan Independence Day Parade.

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