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Decoding Advertising with Jatin Hasija, from The SportsRush

March 31, 2021 3 min read
Decoding Advertising | The SportsRush


Decoding Advertising with Jatin Hasija, from The SportsRush

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The advent of programmatic advertising has led to increased technical complexities in the ad tech industry. While the scenario wasn’t simpler before, programmatic advertising has become the cherry on the top.

By having regular interaction with our publishers, we realized that they sometimes find themselves wondering if they can deal with all the AdTech technicalities, precisely the buying and selling process of ads. That’s when the need of having a managed AdTech services arose and that’s where VDO.AI comes into picture.

To understand these factors from a publisher’s perspective, we reached out to our publisher, Jatin Hasija from The SportsRush. In this blog interview, Jatin enlightened us about his publisher journey; the roadblocks and learnings; and his website’s growth in totality.

Jatin’s Journey as a Publisher

“As a publisher, it hasn’t been an easy ride for us till now. We have been trying different approaches and creative ideas in order to attract the users getting to no-where . But with the numbers going up gradually and slowly, one of the main things that has stuck to us is that publishing has to be about the users rather than us.”

– Jatin
Video advertising by VDO.AI | The SportsRush
The SportsRush <> VDO.AI | Native Ad Unit, powered by VDO.AI

VDO.AI’s Expert Tip: Like Jatin, we always urge the publishers to focus on their users and work on enhancing their experience. This is what gradually turns into revenue for the website. This user experience can be enhanced by having quality content, contextual ads, engaging video ads, engagement units for content recirculation etc. For relevant strategies for your website, you may contact us directly on Skype.

Role of Video Ads in Growth of The SportsRush

“With all the texts in e-magazine platforms, Video Advertisements are like a focal point on the page. Because of VDO.AI Engaging Video Ads, our website session duration has increased 25%. Thus, contributing to other aspects and ranking too.”

– Jatin

On New Age Programmatic Video Advertising

“Video Ads provide a greater spectrum of information against traditional banner ads. In the case of our Sports News Website, video ads can be educational, humorous or live streaming videos of a particular platform. These not only work towards effective monetization but also leads to better user experience, which is of topmost priority for us.”

– Jatin

On Revenue Sources

“Our Website Revenue Source includes Google AdSense and VDO.AI. To get the good flow of revenue, publishers need to try different types of ads, including video and banner and see what is best for their website. But according to me, the combination of static and video ads work the best!”

– Jatin

Role of Relevant Content

“Since The SportsRush is a News and Magazine Website, we have to generate new content every day. With small amount of time and extensive competition, new and user preferred content has to be pushed regularly to gain more traffic. This in turn helps us in increasing our brand name, credibility and website authority.”

– Jatin

One Tip for Fellow Publishers

“While the world was fighting the pandemic, 2020 surprisingly has been the best year for The SportsRush in terms of user base and engagement. Having learnt from that, I want to specifically stress on the power of quality content for extracting maximum potential of your website. This will help your website get more page views and even a higher CPM.

This also stands true for e-commerce websites and local business websites.”

– Jatin

Last Words for the VDO.AI Team

“The VDO.AI team, especially my account manager – Sumedha have been the force behind our increased Ad Revenue from last year. With no awareness of ads, it has been VDO.AI which has done effective video ads bidding for us.”

– Jatin

About Jatin

An experienced marketer, and SEO specialist, Jatin paved way for perpetual growth of The SportsRush with an aim to build an interactive user base. Using the right techniques of SEO, PPC and Advertising, Jatin along with VDO.AI gave rise to higher user engagement and revenue for the website.

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