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Target Millennials in 2020 | Learn Tricks & Methods To Do It

May 24, 2020 3 min read
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Target Millennials in 2020 | Learn Tricks & Methods To Do It

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The millennials make up for a large part of the active consumer population. In fact, they equate to more than 86 million people who are ready and willing to spend their money. Hence, marketers need to up their advertising game if they want to target millennials.

Marketing to millennials leaves many brands feeling unsure about developing their brand strategies. But with an annual buying power of $200 billion, millennials are the most lucrative market. So the brands that can’t develop a strong marketing strategy for a group with a high buying power like this, will miss out on enormous profit margins.

Ways To Target Millennials

Here are some ways to ensure your business makes the most of your advertising budget by getting your ads in front of the millennials:

Keep It Real

Millennials have been advertised to their whole lives. This means they have probably heard every sales lingo out of every marketer’s book. As a result, they can easily block common advertising buzzwords, simply out of habit. They do not appreciate being brainwashed or offered cheap ad lines. It is not possible to steer them into purchasing one product over another without substance.

Hence, the best way to target millennials is by addressing them honestly without trying to cover the fact that you are trying to sell something to them. Understand and empathize with their needs, see how you can attend to those needs in the best possible way. The key is to be as authentic and relatable as you can.

Get Social

Social media has emerged as a powerful digital marketing tool over the past decade. When it comes to connecting with millennials, social media is the best way to go. However, the best use of social media is to get a conversation started instead of talking at people just like ads used to do. 

Take advantage of social media and create fun marketing campaigns and contests on your social pages. Explore newer platforms that most businesses tend to overlook. For instance, you can take Snapchat to post snapshots of crucial moments in your business or even short tutorials to help your audience feel more connected. So many celebrities take it to social media to connect with their followers. And while you don’t have to aim for a celebrity influence on social media, you can still use this free opportunity to attract your target audience and market your business.

Be Mobile-Friendly 

The youngest millennials, aged between 18 to 24, consider their mobile phones as a crucial part of their everyday lives. This means their phones are more important to them than any other material possessions. And if you don’t get make your website responsive, you will not be getting far with millennials. They need to be able to interact with your business from their smartphones. Hence, in order to target millennials you must get your mobile-friendly site up and running the second you open your doors for business.

Optimize your website in a way that it becomes functional and smooth to use. Don’t let it waste their time by loading pages slowly, or going through dozens of screens to make a single purchase. They are used to buying things within a few clicks so if you don’t offer them the ability to do so on your website, you will most likely lose the sale.

Focus On Engagement

Since millennials have grown up in the digital age with infinite access to information, they are constantly centered on real-world issues that are happening in the current times. If brands can place their products or services in the form of relevant solutions to current issues, they stand a greater possibility of getting the millennial vote.

As a business you must focus on engagement instead of simply selling more. If your content does not contribute anything new to the conversation, it is going to get old really quickly. You must aim to make your target audience laugh or feel enlightened or entertained after engaging with your business. Create content that is shareable and takes a clear stand. It will encourage people to respond and spread the word. Besides, most millennials feel that recommendations on products from friends are more valuable than reading online reviews from strangers.

Marketing is more about the ‘who’ than the ‘what’. Businesses must understand that young consumers want to have an enjoyable online browsing experience. Millennials are wired for authentic, content-driven, honest experiences that cater to who they are and their voices. And no matter which platform you choose to interact with them, you must ensure that your marketing strategy is entertaining and inspires activity.

Mehak is a Marketing Associate at VDO.AI. An enthusiastic marketer and a creative writer, she reaches out for the books when monotony calls for an escape.