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Impact of 5G Technology on Digital Advertising

May 2, 2020 3 min read
impact of 5G technology


Impact of 5G Technology on Digital Advertising

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As the presence of 5G expands across the globe, the world of smartphones and the digital world are set to face a lot of challenges and changes. Needless to say, 5G will make downloads and data uploads immensely fast. The advancement from 4G to 5G will widen the horizons for new possibilities broadly. The 5G network operates with 100 times less latency and 1000 times faster speed. Therefore, the whole scenario will change for advertisers and marketers.The impact of 5G technology will be huge, but it will also be gradual.

Hence, marketers will have to adjust their mobile marketing strategy as the use of 5G will increase. Speed is the key demand of consumers, and the 5th generation cellular wireless promises a faster speed. 5G is going to revolutionize digital advertising and marketing in a lot of ways.

A Boost In Loading Speed

With the advent of broadband internet, the consumption of digital media on desktop increased immensely. This drove in digital advertising opportunities as well. Now with 5G, there is faster data load, which means more content to view on apps, web pages, more games available, etc. This faster speed will also bring with it increased mobile advertising opportunities for advertisers. Because when content will be available at a much faster rate, the consumption rate will also increase for mobile users.

A Better Ad Experience

There have been two factors which have been impacting mobile advertising for quite a long time now. Latency and lag times have affected the split-second load of the content on a page and the intended ads on that page. The consumers of today are continuously scrolling the internet. Therefore, if the load time is slower, advertisers lose the chance of connecting with the potential consumer at the right time. Since the impact of 5G technology brings along high speed, it will also give a benefit of loading an ad on time to the advertisers and better experience to the users.

Increased Accuracy In Locations

Geo capabilities have proved their efficiency in a lot of ways. A higher data speed by 5G will enhance the location services even further and improve Geo capabilities. Advertisers will be able to deliver and source location-based data to a great number of devices all at once. Location-based strategies often get negatively impacted because of jammed signals. When a number of people try to access their network all at once, ad strategies are wasted. Therefore, advertisers are looking forward to an improved marketing at large events with the advent of 5G.


5G is expected to bring in a huge positive change to Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence as well as the Internet of Things. The low latency offering will enhance the experience of Augmented Reality for consumers where they will be able to communicate in an even better way with the network. The use cases of both AR as well as VR are vast, and 5G is ushering in the capabilities of improving user experience. 

With real time data rendering, consumers need to have a more immersive and convincing experience. 5G will be able to provide an immersive AR experience. As 4G has not been so much successful in dealing with weighty data capacity. More and more new means of connectivity shall gain adoption and the opportunities to launch ads in connected spaces shall also expand with the help of 5G.

B2B Selection

The most obvious impact of 5G technology is the immense speed it brings along with it. This will help business applications to improve their functioning. The applications will be able to run more smoothly, thereby generating more use and activity. With this, businesses will be able to gather highly accurate and up-to-date user data. Therefore, 5G will undoubtedly bring a positive change in the targeting for niche business-focused audiences. 

B2B advertisers will come up with new techniques and tactics because of availability of faster speed and an enhanced functionality in apps. So 5G will prove out to be more beneficial for enterprises as compared to consumers. Business professionals will have much more to them in terms of user data as the speed will grow further. 

A lot will change with the coming of the 5G network. Marketers and advertisers will have to incorporate more of mobile marketing into their new media strategies. They will also have to increase advertising that includes Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Because with the arrival of 5G, the expectations of the users will also rise.