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GoodFirms Recognizes VDO.AI as the Top Ad Network in the US

May 18, 2021 3 min read
VDO.AI Recognized as Top Ad Network in the US


GoodFirms Recognizes VDO.AI as the Top Ad Network in the US

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VDO.AI is a marketing and advertising company located in the United States. Established in 2017, the company has quickly made a name for itself in the advertising business with a team of well-skilled and creative professionals. Advertisement distribution from the company reaches almost 750M people every month through 500+ prominent web publishers spread across the globe.

The company helps publishers boost their monetization by combining the power of video content with advertising. Video has been realized as one of the primary ways through which users consume the content on the internet. VDO.AI uses this as an advantage to transition their publishers into the future.

The company has proprietary platforms that include video player, video content, video streaming, and video advertising, which they offer to some of the biggest publishers present on the internet. To ensure a 100% brand-safe environment, VDO.AI has
partnered with various fraud protection vendors like MOAT, IAS, and DoubleVerify. The company’s sole aim is to integrate the best advertisers and publishers so that the video advertising niche ecosystem flourishes.

GoodFirms’ Research Process

GoodFirms is a review and research platform that connects top companies and their customers in one place. Quality, Reliability, and Ability are the three parameters based on which all the companies are evaluated and listed on the platform. An experienced team of researchers uses the parameters to assess and rank companies on the GoodFirms website.

VDO.AI was evaluated by the same team and concluded that it delivers engagement that brands truly deserve and helps them grow. Therefore the company deserves a spot on GoodFirms platform as one of the top advertising companies in the United States.

VDO.AI’s Cutting-edge Video Advertising Solutions

VDO.AI offers native video advertising by leveraging the power of customized video content. The ad-serving technology at VDO.AI ensures that you get the maximum ROI on your investment. Unlike traditional visual effects, the company has proprietary 3D visuals that get the right intended message to the audience.

The company has access to leading DSPs and brands who can place bids for your advertising campaigns using the programmatic marketplace of VDO.AI. The responsive video units provide users with non-intrusive experiences across all the devices.

Here, read the review provided by one of their happiest clients who has accorded the company with 5-star ratings:

VDO.AI Review
Source: GoodFirms

The company also makes it possible to convert your existing text-based stories into engaging video stories. Video stories not only drive new readers but also engage them with your page. The contextual AI engines understand your content using cutting-edge NLP algorithms and serve users with content that results in more clicks. VDO.AI partners with leading DSPs who provide engaging user experience in story formats and strives to maximize yield on every impression. Similar to video units, the stories are also crafted to make the user experience better without compromising the quality So it comes as no
surprise that VDO.AI has been accorded the status of being one of the top advertising companies in the U.S.

The company gets data for selecting the proper audience segment and combines it with multiple 1P and 3P data sources, which includes geographic, demographic, behavioral, and your own CRM datasets. This enables you to reach the right customer at the right place. A team of creatives further ensures that the right message is delivered across all the channels, so a correct brand image is maintained in the eyes of consumers.

Here’s another review speaking volumes about company’s capability in the video advertising domain:

Source: GoodFirms

A dedicated team of account managers is available for the support of publishers round the clock. Creatives work closely with publishers right from implementation to optimization to ensure that your advertising campaigns go smoothly. At VDO.AI, it is understood that every publisher is unique and thus ensures that best practices are implemented for maximum performance.

About GoodFirms

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