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Online Brand Promotion Strategy During Second COVID Wave 

May 12, 2021 4 min read
Online Brand Promotion by VDO.AI


Online Brand Promotion Strategy During Second COVID Wave 

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Having a deep understanding of the target market and observing their interests and concerns is important and necessary to understand their perspective, after which the marketers can plan out the ways to fit their brand’s story in it through online brand promotion strategy. Creating relevant & personalized content is crucial for a marketer for engaging and connecting with the target audience.

Many businesses may have gotten this part on point, but then came the coronavirus pandemic which without a question completely turned around the perception of a typical normal life. Brands and businesses cannot function the same way they used to without taking into consideration what their customers are going through. 

While it’s obvious that the answers to how all this should be done is not known to anyone, it’s essential to stay positive and refrain from engaging in activities which would spread negativity like a tone-deaf ad campaign or insensitive post on social media.

Here are a few ways through which premium advertisers incorporated their support to their customers in their online brand promotion strategy:


Online Brand Promotion by Airbnb | VDO.AI
Source: Airbnb

Airbnb decided to tap into the demand for nearby trips, by updating their app and homepage to help guests rediscover the magic in their own backyards by making it easier to book local travel, including at the last minute. This includes featuring local trip ideas and highlighting nearby getaways. They launched an ad campaign under the banner Go Near to promote both nearby getaways and Airbnb’s recently launched Online Experiences.


Online Brand Promotion by Amazon | VDO.AI
Source: Amazon

Being a mainstream e-commerce platform, Amazon decided to help the COVID infected patients by prioritizing delivery for them and making essentials accessible with just one click. This proved to be running smoothly even during a complete lockdown in the state. This pandemic has affected a lot of companies, but it turned out to be a beneficiary for the e-commerce platforms such as Amazon who, in return, made their mission to help the people in crisis. 


Online Brand Promotion by Honda| VDO.AI
Source: Gartner

Honda’s “The Power of Something Greater” marketing campaign builds on the company’s pledge to communities and customers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by adding meaning to The Power of Dreams during these unprecedented times. The advertising and social media campaign focuses on how the strength of coming together as a community can help people get through challenging times and emerge even stronger.

American Express

American Express helped jumpstart spending at small businesses by committing more than $200 million through the company’s largest ever global Shop Small campaign. 88% of U.S. consumers feel a personal commitment to support small businesses in the wake of the pandemic. Whether online, curbside or safely in store, they plan on reminding consumers that they can help make an impact by shopping small and sharing their favorite small businesses on social media all holiday season long.

Procter & Gamble

Online Brand Promotion by P&G | VDO.AI
Source: P&G

P&G’s 2021 campaign already involves participation from brands like Pampers, which will donate educational resources to underserved families, and Always as it continues its work to #EndPeriodPoverty worldwide after devastating increase in unemployment rate after COVID. Tide Cleaners will also contribute to the Acts of Good movement through its Tide Loads of Hope program, which provides free laundry services to communities impacted by disasters. David Taylor, P&G chairman of the board, president, and chief executive officer said, “As the world turns to 2021, P&G is committing to lead through acts of good that will have a lasting, positive impact on people and communities around the world.” 


In these unprecedented times, it is important for the marketers and advertisers to be considerate and include the sensitivity of the issue of audience’s concern into the online brand promotion strategy. With VDO.AI’s experts you can now add a new dimension to your advertising campaigns leveraging specific geo targeting, programmatic advertising, 3D Impact Creatives and much more. Reach out to us directly on Skype to know more.

Jivika is a marketing intern at Z1 Media. A creative unit who is fascinated with everything related to consumer psychology and marketing.