Era of Programmatic Advertising – VDO.AI Panel Discussion

November 4, 2020 2 min read
Panel Discussion


Era of Programmatic Advertising – VDO.AI Panel Discussion

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“In the US, nearly 62% of marketers use programmatic advertising to achieve their brand objectives” – With the numbers being so strong, VDO.AI went on a sprint to let the native audience know about the growing market and the trends in programmatic advertising. Advertising, like many other sectors, has seen a drastic shift in the numbers compared to the pre-covid and covid days, but surprisingly it is a positive one! 


To sustain in a dynamic industry isn’t an easy task, but you can make it simpler by implementing the latest ad optimization techniques. The panel discussion revolved around the essence of Programmatic Advertising. Mr. Sachchidanand Tripathi, Programmatic Yield Manager at Gulf News; Mr. Rishi Bharadwaj, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Telugu Adda; and Mr. Susheel Vishwakarma, Programmatic Revenue Manager at  VDO.AI, went on to share their experience with Programmatic Ads and deliberated over having a cookie-less future. 

The Compendium

Amidst a one-hour-long discussion, our panelists happened to explore a lot of questions by both the moderator and the audience, revolving around three major topics: Programmatic Advertising, Cookie-Less Future, and Impact of Technology on Users. Below are the questions you’ll find the answers to, in the panel discussion:

  • How has your experience with programmatic advertising been? 
  • What technological advancements, according to you, can enhance user/viewer experience? 
  • Do you think the privacy of the users is getting hindered due to advances in technology, especially programmatic advertising? 
  • There’s a lot of discussion in the industry about a ‘cookie-less future.’ We are surely enthralled, but would like to know your views about its impact on us, the publishers?
  • What are your views about programmatic TV platforms to help facilitate the utilization of the programmatic concept by traditional agency TV buyers and planners?
  • When a publisher sets a price floor, they are effectively preventing advertisers from bidding on their inventory. How has this been for you? What do you feel about the impact when the CPM is fixed?
  • What do you think about these virtual discussions? According to you, what impact does it play on the viewers and the fraternity as a whole?

To find answers to these questions, watch the full recording of Panel Discussion below: 


Having explored the depths of the topic, we wanted to keep the discussion as open-ended as possible. Since advertising and marketing have no right or wrong and are based on various factors, our panelists strived on giving quality food for thought leaving the audience to reflect more. The panelists left the attendees on a positive note by citing few tips that’d help them sustain in the present pandemic and generate more revenues for the publishers. 

Mehak is a Marketing Associate at VDO.AI. An enthusiastic marketer and a creative writer, she reaches out for the books when monotony calls for an escape.