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What If We Told You Black Friday Just Got Even Blacker?

November 16, 2023 3 min read
Black Friday


What If We Told You Black Friday Just Got Even Blacker?

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The holiday shopping season is upon us again, kicking off with the highly anticipated Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales events. This year, retailers have a powerful new tool at their disposal – Generative AI, revolutionizing the way they approach and engage with their customers.

Harnessing this artificial intelligence technology can revolutionize holiday advertising and deliver unparalleled experiences for shoppers. For advertisers, Generative AI opens up infinite possibilities to creatively engage audiences and drive results. 

VDO.AI’s Dexter, its one-of-a-kind Gen AI technology, can help take your holiday campaigns to the next level as an advertiser by enabling you to create hyper-personalized and interactive ads.

Keep reading to learn how Dexter’s generative AI capabilities can help you:

Craft Deeply Personalized Ads

Today’s consumers expect tailored experiences.

With Dexter, you can create customized ad content for each viewer based on their interests, demographics, and browsing history.

Consider targeting recent fashion buyers with ads showcasing the latest styles and trends. Or dynamically generate gift recommendations for shoppers based on their purchase behavior. The possibilities are endless!

Dexter streamlines the testing of numerous variations, facilitating the identification of what resonates best with different segments. By enabling A/B testing of personalized ads at scale, Dexter empowers you to optimize engagement and conversion seamlessly. As the AI takes care of the heavy lifting, you can focus exclusively on refining your strategy.

Immerse Viewers with Interactivity


Static ads just don’t cut it anymore. With Dexter, you can gamify ad experiences, adding layers of immersive engagement. 

Think interactive filters showcasing holiday makeup looks, or virtual try-ons for the latest accessories and watches. 

You can even create whole digital worlds for audiences to explore, like a virtual holiday market where they can browse different booths and products. 

The AI generates these detailed environments tailored to your brand aesthetics.

Interactivity leads to higher engagement, time spent, and brand memorability. And you can incorporate gamification mechanics with rewards and exclusives to drive desired actions. Turn passive viewers into active participants!

Wow with Hyper-Relevant Creative

Dexter enables you to generate thousands of ad variations to adapt in real time based on the viewer, context, and environment. 

For example, serve shoppers browsing electronics visually stunning ads with the hottest gadgets and bundles. Or display relevant products with localized deals when targeting based on geolocation.

For programmatic advertising, Dexter automatically optimizes creative based on the websites where your ads appear. No more generically repurposed content! The AI handles context-specific creative to maximize relevance.

Craft Immersive Audio-Visual Experiences

Dexter takes visual storytelling to new heights with generative video and images. 

For holiday ads, it can produce short videos that are festive, vibrant, and eye-catching. The AI can also generate interactive AR/VR experiences, surrounding viewers with your holiday brand ambiance.

You’re not limited to just visuals! Dexter can compose dynamic audio to complement your visual assets. Imagine holiday earworm jingles or ASMR product sounds that tap into sensory marketing.

Optimized for Mobile and Web

Ensure your ads look superb on mobile and web platforms with Dexter’s multi-format generative capabilities. Adapt creatives for mobile and web seamlessly.

The AI handles the templates, asset generation, and dynamic resizing, saving you tons of manual work.

You don’t have to sacrifice optimization for smaller screens. Dexter can adapt campaign visuals and text for optimal mobile viewing.

Reduce glitchy experiences and leverage the full potential of mobile and web devices this holiday season.

Analyze Performance and Continuously Optimize

Dexter doesn’t just generate creativity – it also analyzes campaign data and learns from experience. You can leverage its analytical capabilities to determine the highest-performing combinations of visuals, copy, offers, and more. 

The AI will crunch the numbers, detect patterns, and apply its findings to continuously optimize ads. It essentially handles constant small-scale testing in the background to refine your campaign.

You’ll uncover powerful insights into audience preferences while enjoying hands-off optimization so that feel confident scaling your holiday initiatives knowing Dexter has your back.

The Takeaway

This holiday shopping season, don’t limit yourself to conventional advertising. With VDO.AI‘s Dexter, you can tap into the infinite potential of Generative AI to create hyper-personalized, visually stunning, and interactive ad experiences. Now is the time to leverage this game-changing technology and take your holiday advertising campaigns to new heights. 

Contact us at [email protected] to learn how you can revolutionize your holiday advertising season with Dexter’s Generative AI!

Karishma Rai is an Ad Tech enthusiast at VDO.AI, who thrives on the convergence of creativity and technology.