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Advertising 2.0 With The Advent of Stories Unit

February 4, 2021 3 min read
Monetize your website with VDO.AI


Advertising 2.0 With The Advent of Stories Unit

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Where does the problem lie?

The 21st century is the era of digitalization. Our world lies at the center of the global information spread where social media and digital tools are the main sources of our virtual word of mouth. The pipeline strategy of Digital Marketers, Publishers, and Advertisers is to gauge how well they can use the aspects of social media and digital tools to their benefits. But the streaming of advertisements and the procurement of revenue is always tough in the first quarter of every year, especially what we’ve seen from our publisher’s experiences. Keeping these challenges in mind, VDO.AI has come up with an innovative solution for all stakeholders, especially the publishers: the Native Ad Stories unit. This not really helps in displaying 15 sec of video ads spanning over 5 subsects, but also helps in recirculating the existing website content to the visitors.

Remedy to the publishers’ dilemma

The dip in revenues especially in Q1 has always been a problem to many publishers experiencing fewer page views, lower user rate, and lower user engagement. VDO.AI has come up with a unique and innovative technology with its new solution to recirculate content in the most interactive way using the Stories Unit.

The stories unit by VDO.AI follows the same framework of the story status you view on your social media accounts like Instagram. However what makes it stand out is the motive behind this innovation- the unit lets the viewer see five different contextual video ads in an interval of 10-15 secs, making the user engage even more. Apart from this, as per the publisher’s requirement, the same stories unit can take a form of a ‘Recirculation Unit’ where the existing content reaches the prospective reader in the shortest and more interactive form. This makes the user session rate higher than usual.

So, publishers, gone are the days when you’d see the lowest dip in January and February. Click here to check out our stories unit.

Monetize your website with VDO.AI
Source: VDO.AI stories unit

Why monetize your website with Stories Unit?

You must be wondering what benefits are lined up for you. We’ve got answers to all your questions!

  • More page views and enhanced engagement

When the stories unit is live, the video ads or the recirculated unit works as a magnet for the prospects who’d be interested either in the product/service displayed in the ad, or in the content recirculated. VDO.AI uses the latest programmatic technology to capture the interests of the visitors. This enables them to bring in the best of the content to the user who’d be inclined to see that content. What this implies is that the more relevant video ads and recirculated content, the more page views and increased user session rate.

It is to be noted here that the stories unit is strategically placed on the website to avoid a bad user experience and tends to bring more engagement for the publisher.

  • Recirculation UX on Overdrive

VDO.AIs contextual AI engine understands each user and their content by using cutting-edge NLP algorithms to serve content recommendations that boost the recirculation CTR for your website.

  • Incremental Revenue

VDO.AI’s increases user engagement on the publisher’s website with its beautifully crafted stories unit that works without compromising on user experience, instead of making it better. With more user engagement and page views, the publisher bags more revenue for themselves which only goes up day by day.

  • Premium Marketplace Demand

With access to leading DSPs and brands who serve compelling user experiences in VDO.AIs captivating Stories format, premium partners, and publishers can achieve a maximizing value on every impression in real-time with VDO.AI’s inventory.

Monetize your website with VDO.AI
Source: VDO.AI stories unit Benefits


Platforms such as VDO.AI help both publishers and advertisers to monetize their websites and ads by targeting and reaching the right audience with their in-house ad server and OTT/CTV cross-platform supported ad units.

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