Unlocking Holiday Advertising Strategies for Q4 2023

November 29, 2023 4 min read


Unlocking Holiday Advertising Strategies for Q4 2023

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The holiday season is the most lucrative time of the year for retailers and brands. With consumers ready to spend, effective advertising strategies are key to driving sales and getting your brand noticed amid the seasonal rush. 

As we look ahead to the 2023 holiday season, examining current trends can unlock successful advertising tactics. While economic uncertainty persists, forecasts predict steady holiday seasonal sales growth of 10.3% to 12.8%, during the 2023-2024 holiday season. Let’s explore smart ways brands can make the most of their ad budgets and connect with holiday shoppers in Q4 2023.

Go Big on Video 


Video advertising, encompassing CTV, streaming/OTT, and more, continues to claim the lion’s share of holiday ad dollars. This robust growth shows no signs of slowing – video lets brands combine sight, sound, and motion for engaging storytelling that spotlights products and deals.

Linear TV still draws massive audiences, especially for live events like Thanksgiving NFL games. OTT platforms are ideal for reaching cord-cutters, with creative options like pause ads on Netflix and Hulu. YouTube’s popularity surges during the holidays as viewers flock for gift ideas, tips, and tutorials. 

Allocate at least 50-60% of your budget to video. Tailor ads to each platform’s audience and strengths – like binge-worthy 15-second spots for OTT and YouTube unboxing videos to display gifts. Use data-driven targeting to identify and win over priority customer segments.

Ride the CTV Wave

Connected TV is having a major moment, expected to command over $25.9 billion in ad spend in 2023. CTV provides the wide reach of linear TV with the precision of digital, marrying brand building with performance. Work with ad tech partners to create audience segments based on viewing behaviors and interests. Then serve highly relevant CTV ads to these audiences as they stream shows and movies. With strong targeting and less ad clutter than linear, CTV drives conversions while still offering scale.

Highlight Value and Savings 

Money-saving deals and discounts are top of mind for shoppers amid economic uncertainty. Call out specific product savings in ads to incentivize purchases. Compare prices against competitors or spotlight discounts like percentages or dollar amounts off. 

Promotions like free shipping with minimum purchase, BOGO deals, and loyalty member exclusives also entice shoppers to buy more. Time-bound offers build urgency, encouraging swift action. Communicate these value messages clearly in ads across platforms. 

Optimize for Mobile 

Mobile has become the top way consumers browse and buy during the busy holidays. Ads need to shine on smaller screens, with easy-to-read text, crisp images, and clear call-to-action.

Focus ad content on things users do on mobile – searching for gifts and deals, comparing prices, finding store locations, and reading reviews. Adapt creatives for vertical video formats popular on mobile. Use location data to serve ads to nearby shoppers open to visiting stores.

VDO.AI’s in-app mobile advertising solution can help brands optimize for mobile shoppers.

Lean on Retail Media and Commerce


Retail media networks allow brands to deliver targeted advertising on retailer websites and apps. As shoppers browse for gifts, relevant ads help move them down the purchase funnel. 

Work with major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target to advertise on their platforms. Use first-party data for precision targeting, and add links to products so clicks convert quickly. 

Optimization based on clicks, views, and sales performance also helps retail media ads deliver powerful ROI. With commerce booming, retail media is an efficient way to connect with actively shopping consumers.

Think Beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Big deal days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday now stretch into weeks of discounts both online and offline. While these major moments can’t be ignored, marketers should promote consistent holiday messaging before and after the big sales events. Look at deals, product availability, audience mindsets, and media calendars to map out campaigns across October, November, and December.

Flexibility Remains Key

The pandemic ushered in an era of flexibility in advertising as consumer patterns and economic factors remain in flux. Maintain this nimble mindset for the 2023 holiday season. 

Build versatility in media plans, with options to quickly shift budgets to better-performing platforms and formats. Closely monitor campaign analytics and optimize creatives and messaging as new trends emerge. 

Having backup assets and contingency plans allows for a swift reaction to unexpected events. While hoping for the best holiday season, smart brands prepare for uncertainty, ready to flex their strategies as needed.

Final Thoughts

The 2023 holidays promise appealing opportunities for brands willing to embrace helpful advertising innovations. By combining data-driven targeting, standout creativity, and flexible plans, your holiday campaigns can cut through the clutter, spark engagement, and deliver sales dividends. This holiday season, unlock smarter video ad strategies with VDO.AI. Our results-driven video ad solutions help you creatively break through, track campaign impact, and achieve your Q4 goals. Contact us at [email protected] today to get holiday-ready!

Karishma Rai is an Ad Tech enthusiast at VDO.AI, who thrives on the convergence of creativity and technology.