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Get ready to be hit by a CTV Advertising Storm in 2022

November 11, 2021 4 min read
Get ready to be hit by a CTV Advertising Storm in 2022 | VDO.AI Blog


Get ready to be hit by a CTV Advertising Storm in 2022

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Consumers’ habits have drastically changed over the past few years, and so has the CTV advertising landscape. Since 2020, we observed a huge spike in CTV (Connected TV) viewership, which resulted in increased spending on CTV advertisements. Advertisers have recognized the impact of the large audience available on CTV, especially during 2020-2021,  when CTV filled the distance between advertisers and audience.

Below are some compelling reasons that show why we’ll be facing a storm of CTV advertising in 2022. So, keep reading. 

1. Embrace Higher Viewability and Wider Audience with CTV Advertising

Time spent on CTV devices has been increasing year over year. In the coming years, CTV will keep offering a chance to target more audiences and grab the attention of the massive audience present on CTV via VDO.AI creative ad solutions.

A study shows that 69% of people said they are comfortable watching commercials on streaming T.V. since they receive access to high-quality T.V. series and films. 

According to e-marketer, by 2022, there will be 204.1 million connected TV users, representing 60.1 percent of the population. This brings another opportunity to engage and connect with more users.

2. CTV Advertising Guarantees Measurability

To make ad campaigns more successful, one can easily track and analyze ad campaign performance. The results can be measured by device, day of the week, and more. VDO.AI provides you meaningful insights into your CTV advertisement, which can help in accelerating revenue.

3. Seamless Experience with CTV Advertising

Advanced technology and innovative solutions create a seamless experience for consumers. The advertisement displayed in OTT/CTV content seems part of the content itself, since the ad is shown on full screen just like the CTV content, it helps attract greater attention.

You can deliver a high quality contextually relevant ad through VDO.AI solutions that blend perfectly with the stream, resulting in higher conversions and actionability.

4. Cost Efficient in comparison to Traditional Linear TV

You can reach the television audience more smartly and cost-effectively with the help of CTV advertisements. CTV also eradicates the issue of spending huge budgets to generate leads.

CTV ads allow you to spend money wisely and provide better outcomes. Moreover, according to a survey by Trade Desk, 45% of marketers increased their CTV advertising budgets in the previous year, and 91 percent want to maintain or increase their CTV ad budget in the coming year. 

5. Meaningful Data

Data helps in reaching the right audience at the right time at the right place. In CTV, you can utilize the power of data and display ads depending on the audience’s interest. You can gather data of different individuals and learn about their behaviors. That makes CTV more data-driven as compared to traditional methods. 

6. Precise Targeting and Reach

With the help of first party data, brands can identify the relevant audience for their product and increase KPIs.  As per BizReport, “64% advertisers believe CTV will help improve audience targeting”.  Data also helps target valuable audiences and catch their attention. Access to current and potential customers also comes along  with CTV.

7. Shoppable Experience

CTV provides scope for innovation, and advertisers have found an effective solution in QR codes, enabling viewers to buy things when they see them on their TV screens. With the origin of QR codes, CTV Ads provide immediate action. Users can easily scan the QR code on the screen and get redirected to the e-commerce or brand store. Today, many brands are already utilizing the benefits of QR codes. 

VDO.AI assists advertisers in embracing QR codes successfully for their ad campaigns to get the desired results and more consumer actions.

8. Video Ads

Video ads are highly interactive as compared to display ads. CTV is becoming the fastest-growing video advertising platform, and by 2022 it is expected to increase at a rate of more than 20%. After seeing an ad on TV, compared to linear TV viewers, ad-supported CTV users are 71% more likely to tell a friend about a brand and 53% more likely to search for a brand afterward

Stats shows that 80% of individuals recall a CTV video ad they have seen in the past 30 days. In addition, CTV video ads provide an opportunity to communicate a brand’s message to a bigger audience successfully.

9. Ad Campaigns Optimization

With the help of programmatic advertising on CTV, you can evaluate and optimize the on-going ad campaigns. VDO. AI provides advertisers detailed actionable insights which helps them achieve best results from their campaigns. Furthermore, traditional approaches are not able to deliver the same level of real-time reporting and insights.

10. Personalization

Best advertising experiences are personalized. The birth of data-driven smart TV has paved the way for advertisers to personalize ads and minimize wastage of money. You can customize your CTV ads according to your needs. For instance, if you want to play your ads twice only, you can easily do that. Moreover, a personalized ad experience can also help in attracting the right audience.

The Growth in CTV Advertising

CTV advertising spending in the United States is expected to reach $27.5 billion by 2025. Advertisers are investing more in CTV advertisements as CTV not only provides a wider audience but also more engaged viewers. And advertisers can keep generating more profitable results from interactive formats and shoppable advertisements on CTV.

With the continuous growth in streaming apps and smart TVs, CTV advertising is here to stay with higher year-over-year growth. Advertisers who want to stand out will be focusing more on CTV advertisements to increase their revenue and reach a larger audience.

Contact VDO.AI to leverage the potential of CTV advertisements and to deliver CTV ads effectively to a wider and unexplored audience. Maximize leads and results with the help of our advanced and creative solutions.

Ayushi Vedwan is a Strategic Marketing Associate at VDO.AI. She is a curious person who keeps learning something new and the rest of the time, she is dabbling with creative ideas.