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Contextual CTV: A New Frontier For Advertisers In Q2 2023

February 17, 2023 3 min read


Contextual CTV: A New Frontier For Advertisers In Q2 2023

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Gone are the days when consumers used to access entertainment through the iterations of pay television (cable or satellite) or by heading to a video store to buy films for an entertaining weekend. Today, consumers are cutting the cord and switching to streaming content—the intelligent way. This does not mean that they are giving up TV. Instead, they are utilizing the benefits of Connected Television (CTV) and streaming services, which are parallel to technological advancements.

However, along with consumers, the changing dynamics of content consumption realities have opened various opportunities for advertisers to reach wider audiences.

The Case of Contextual Advertising In CTV For Lucrative Returns

Advertisers can amplify their brand awareness by tapping into the power of contextual targeting. This includes focusing on the audience and the information that will most likely resonate with them. In simple terms, advertisers can minimize the chance of turning their audience away by leveraging contextual CTV advertising.

That said, according to recent reports, Connected Television consumption is evident to grow in 2023, with the discoverability of content on CTV becoming a key focus. Studies also assert that CTV ads are more relevant because consumers are twice as likely to make a purchasing decision as opposed to linear TV ads.

Know-How of Contextual CTV Ads

  • Targeting the Right Audience

CTV enables advertisers to deliver advertisements to the population that no longer watches linear TV. This has quickly expanded to include a sizable portion of the population and is no longer limited to niche streaming audiences. In fact, data received from IAB state that 44% of viewers globally prefer streaming over traditional TV.

This presents an opportunity for brands to focus on contextual targeting throughout their CTV advertising campaigns. 

Not to mention, CTV platforms provide marketers with the data and insights to identify their target audience’s content preferences, from purchasing inventory to up weighting ad spending accordingly.

  • Creating Ads that Drives User Action and Engagement

After defining target demography and planning their CTV inventory to match the context and content effectively, the next concern for advertisers is how to make their advertisements more effective and engaging. 

Furthermore, it has been observed that users are multi-tasking as they use another device—mobile—while simultaneously watching TV. They occasionally purchase the products or services they search for, after having seen them advertised on Connected Television. Thus, marketers must analyze this consumer behavior. This will help them make the most of CTV advertising by applying contextual targeting to increase the chances of conversion. 

Additionally, brands should employ shoppable, interactive, and actionable advertisements to connect viewing and shopping. They can utilize CTV activations to customize adverts based on their audience’s affinity and viewership. VDO.AI’s CTV advertising solution enables activation at scale layering IP-enabled datasets such as the viewer’s location, date/time, weather, etc. Alongside this, the innovative Screen2Screen features and QR code wrappers enable brands to connect interactively and maximize impact. This also helps brands inspire viewers to study and make purchases in a personalized and pertinent way by bringing multi-screen to life. 

In this aspect, CTV programming has an unmatched ability to influence viewer behavior. This offers advertisers great chances to move consumers’ attention away from the largest screen and towards a smaller secondary device where they may browse and make decisions more easily and quickly.

Why Wait? Align Context with CTV for a Profitable Q2!

Contextual ads in CTV are one of the greatest strategies for advertisers in 2023. Brands must consider this trend to not miss out on a growing audience that prefers streaming over linear TV. And, to start, they can introduce CTV advertising in their campaign planning to maximize ROI in Q2.

From reaching the right people at the right time to targeting niche audiences and building brand affinity, contextual CTV advertising can ace advertisers’ efforts. 

VDO.AI is an AdTech pioneer driven to enhance digital experiences. We offer personalized and contextually relevant CTV ads to augment impact and engagement and foster interactivity. Not to mention, we use the best innovations and technologies to help brands position themselves in the market. Contact us here to explore our advertiser suite.

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