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How To Find The Best Ad Placement On Your Website?

January 25, 2021 3 min read
Ad Placement on your website


How To Find The Best Ad Placement On Your Website?

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For any company, advertisement is a way to reach out to the customers and explain to them their products and offerings. An advertisement needs to have a powerful message, but the right ad placement is equally important to attract customers.

In today’s digital world, when everyone is connected to the internet, it has become effortless to post an advertisement. But to target a potential customer and get maximum possible clicks and conversion, a perfect placement on the website is needed.

Also as per an article published in Harvard Business Review, the ad placement influences user’s sentiments; it also affects their behavior and can result in either quality or no conversions based on the type of influence. So it is of utmost importance to find a suitable place on the website for ads in such a way so as to maximize the views/reach and simultaneously avoid negative influence on the user.

Here we are discussing some fantastic techniques for you to be an outstanding advertising expert.

Identifying Your Visitor and Their Purpose

You should ask yourself, why are users visiting my site? What are they looking for? How frequently are they searching for this content? Where have I placed it?

The publisher should try to identify users’ purpose and focus area on the website. Having gauged the same, the publisher should now think of a way to integrate their ads with the content according to that focus area in such a manner that the user does not get distracted. They should not get a feeling that they are being targeted with ads. This often results in degraded user experience.

It would be best to make your website easy to navigate with lesser or no interruptions from advertisements. The preferred and most popular type of advertisements for the best user experience are Native Video Advertisements, Interstitial Ads, and In Content Ads. If users can quickly find the content they are looking for without getting distracted by ads, they will repeatedly visit the site thereby increasing the traffic, and user dwell time. Remember, seamless integration of content and ads will increase views, clicks and conversion. For the best video ad solutions, click here to get in touch with the experts. 

Website and Google Analytics Integration- 

Integrating your website with Google Analytics is a wise option. It makes it very easy to measure and compare the performance of your website with and without advertisements. Filled with a lot of numbers, and data, publishers may find Google Analytics difficult to understand. For the same, many publishers take help of AdOps Experts to help them find the best ad strategy and at the same time learn from Analytics, what’s working and what’s not. They help in identifying high performing areas and pages on site in terms of the Ads CPM. Targeting high CPM areas for placing relevant ads will definitely help in generating more revenue.

Google Heat Map

Google heatmap for best ad placement
Source: Google

You may initially want to use Google Heat Map to identify the area for ad placement. Targeting above the fold in big-screen websites and sticky containers at the bottom for mobile website versions is an excellent option to provide a seamless user experience, which will help achieve good revenues. We can observe that the area below the navigation bar and the central region performs well (darker the area implies higher click rate). So placing ads in this area can be a kickstart to your revenue cycle.

Review Your Website

Again the key to success is content and ease of accessibility. Any ad present on the website should be easily distinguishable from the website content, yet should be contextual. This implies that if your website is a blogging website, the ads present should be relevant with your industry. Showcasing ads from the automobile or tech industry isn’t an ideal choice and might result in decreasing page views. 

Apart from this, do visit your site as if you are a first-time user and check if you can easily find the content and whether the ad is distinguishable from the content. If the ad is hampering your easy access to content, you should up your sleeves and start working again on placing them in the right place. Do try adopting the newer formats of ads like the native video format and interstitial ads to see what works for your website. Pondering on the above points will help you understand and identify changes required in the ad placement positions.


Marketing on digital platforms is like 50 % of stealth marketing. It would be best if you try to make a balance between content and ads. As users visit the website for the content they need, their next visit will highly depend on their previous experience. So working on user experience and placing advertisements at the “right” place is the key.

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