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App Revenue Maximization: Leveraging GAM, AppLovin MAX, and Unity Mediation

July 18, 2023 3 min read


App Revenue Maximization: Leveraging GAM, AppLovin MAX, and Unity Mediation

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In the highly competitive world of mobile app monetization, finding the right strategies to optimize app revenue is crucial for app publishers. Ad mediation tools like AppLovin MAX and IronSource Unity Levelplay optimize ad inventory from multiple networks in one place.
However, integrating Google Ad Manager (GAM) with these platforms can take app monetization to the next level. It can provide access to premium ad demand and significantly increase ad revenue.
This blog explores the benefits of integrating GAM with AppLovin’s MAX and IronSource Unity Levelplay Mediation. Read through this blog till the end to know how publishers can leverage this integration for maximum profitability.

Max Mediation and the Advantages of AppLovin’s Solution

AppLovin’s Max Mediation, an advanced ad mediation tool empowers app publishers with complete control over their ad inventory. 

Whether it’s open bidding, in-app bidding, or waterfall stacking, Max Mediation offers a hybrid approach to maximize ad revenue. With this tool, publishers can migrate their existing waterfall setup, optimize eCPM through automation, and efficiently manage APIs.

Max Mediation excels at managing multiple ad networks from a unified dashboard, including AdMob, InMobi, Meta Audience Network, and Chartboost.

Max Mediation saves publishers time, eliminating individual network experiments. It optimizes ROI by leveraging ad networks’ collective potential.

The Power of Google Ad Manager Integration with Max Mediation

Integrating Google Ad Manager (GAM) with Max Mediation offers a host of benefits for app publishers. GAM acts as a real-time bidder, harnessing high-quality demand from Google AdX without extra SDK integration for AdMob users.

The advantages of integrating GAM with Max Mediation include:

  1. Increased Revenue: By leveraging GAM’s high bidding prices and utilizing AI/ML bidding systems, publishers can optimize fill rates and significantly boost ad revenue. In fact, many ad ops experts and publishers have reported an increase in ad revenue by 15% to 20% when using GAM with Max Mediation.
  2. Expanded Revenue Optimization: Integrating GAM with Max Mediation enables publishers to make multiple ad request calls from the same ad network. Hence, expanding the scope of revenue optimization. This flexibility creates new opportunities for auctions, amplifies competition, and ultimately maximizes ad revenue.
  3. Streamlined Operations: Accessing Google Ad Network as a bidder directly from Max Mediation reduces overhead costs associated with additional ad operations. Publishers can manage Google ADX or AdMob more efficiently alongside other demand platforms, resulting in a substantial reduction in transaction latency.

The Importance of Integrating Google Ad Manager with Unity Levelplay Mediation

Unity Levelplay Mediation revolutionizes the traditional ad waterfall method by introducing multiple demand sources to bid for impressions in real-time. This not only accelerates the entire process but also intensifies competition for each ad impression, leading to higher eCPMs and increased ad revenue.
By integrating Google Ad Manager or premium Google AdX demand with Unity Levelplay Mediation, publishers can unlock even greater potential for ad revenue growth.
Here are some key advantages of this integration:
1. Higher Ad Revenue: AdOps experts say that combining GAM with Unity Levelplay Mediation can increase ad earnings by around 15% to 20% or even higher. The exact boost will depend on factors of app category and user demographics. Google AdX provides access to premium ad campaigns not available on other ad networks like Google AdMob, making it a lucrative addition to publishers’ monetization strategies.
2. Access to Premium Demand: Integrating GAM with Unity Levelplay Mediation enables publishers to tap into premium demand sources and attract high-value advertisers. This translates to higher eCPMs, increased competition, and ultimately, greater revenue potential.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, integrating ad mediation tools like AppLovin MAX and Unity LevelPlay Mediation with Google Ad Manager can significantly enhance app publishers’ ad revenue. Leveraging the power of these platforms and accessing premium demand partners such as Google AdX opens up new opportunities for higher eCPMs, increased fill rates, and overall revenue optimization.
Publishers should explore these integration options to maximize their monetization potential.
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