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Ecommerce Monetization: A Guide to Generate New Revenue Streams

A guide for ecommerce publishers on how to monetize their platform effectively

Ecommerce Monetization: A Guide to Generate New Revenue Streams

Most e-commerce publishers' revenue plans focus on advertising. However, diversification is occurring. The COVID-19 outbreak and a sudden shift in consumer behavior prompted e-commerce businesses to monetize their platforms to remain cash-flow positive. Because of long-term shifts in consumer behavior and growth in e-commerce ad spending by brands and marketers, these publishers have been experimenting with e-commerce and affiliate programs.

In this eBook, we’ve outlined what ecommerce publishers need to know about:

  • E-commerce: An Emerging Trend
  • E-commerce Monetization To Generate New Revenue Streams
  • Amazon Leveraging Advertising For Ecommerce Monetization
  • Monetizing Opportunities for Ecommerce Publishers
  • VDO.AI's Monetization Solutions For Ecommerce Industry

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