Native Video

VDO.AI’s flagship product coupled with a premium video marketplace

Video Experiences That are Seamless and Customizable

Our native video units have been thoughtfully designed to deliver a stellar user experience to the viewer with our proprietary player that is extremely lightweight and customizable.

Our native video unit merges with the publisher primary content, providing amazing viewability as compared to standard ads.

Maximize Monetisation Without the Heavy-Lifting

You get access to leading DSPs and brands who bid for your inventory via our programmatic and self-serve marketplace.

Our ad serving technology strives to maximise your ROI on every single impression. All of this, without needing you to have any video content or video streaming costs of your own.

Non-intrusive Experience

Provide your users with non-intrusive experience through video player delivering a video ad between the paragraphs of an article.

Our native video units are responsive and can be viewed on any device.

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