Dexter strategically embeds YouTube ads straight into relevant content | VDO.AI

Dexter Strategically Places Brand Ads Around Relevant Content

Dexter’s proprietary video AI technology powers contextual video buying and analysis of your entire YouTube campaign to not only solve brand safety concerns but also delivers on thousands of mid-flight optimizations to make your marketing strategy more effective achieving optimal ROI.

Contextual Insights & Targeting

Dexter’s unique AI advertising algorithm breaks down video content into real-time specific objects and creating a relevance score matching those objects to desired brand relevance. These insight helps advertisers create more insightful ads to drive impact and well as determine imagery they should no associate with.


Competitive Positioning

Dexter identifies specific brand logos and imagery to help advertisers recognize their competition and can deliver conquesting or avoidance.

Sentiment ACR Recognition

Our ACR listening technology extracts and interprets in-video audio that is associated with the visuals to build insight into the content and emotional appeal. This provides another layer for brands to ensure they are delivering their ads both in relevant and brand safe environments but take advantage of true sentiment analysis.

Research and Media Effectiveness

Dexter works to achieve and beat standard VTR and CPV measurements to ensure that brands are building long-term value. We work with industry standard measurement solutions like Google Brand Lift, Kantar Millward Brown and Nielsen to ensure your KPIs are achieved and measured.