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Television 2.0

Get your ads on the big screen without the big price tag, reaching cord-cutters and highly engaged viewers.

Split Screen Technology

Offer your viewers a non-disruptive side-by-side creative display and never miss their attention.

Powerful Brand Assimilation

Our Visual effects place your brand at a place where it gets seen, all seamlessly.

Persuasive Overlay

Create a powerful and smart impact on the viewers by pushing your interactive video commercial contextually with the content.

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Frequently asked questions

Connected TV advertising offers robust digital targeting capabilities and gives an opportunity to buy a very specific niche audience. These ads help you stand out and make a big impact through advertising.
An MP4 file or vast tag can be used as a creative for advertising on the connected TV. Alternatively, VDO.AI can create these assets in-house.
While more data means more accuracy, better targeting, and increased effectiveness, the increased cost can also quickly eat up the budget and undermine overall performance. There is always a balancing act between adding data and keeping CPMs in a reasonable range.
You can get very granular with the information. You can use many of the same targeting tactics you currently use to run programmatic ads like data, geolocation, and behavior, etc.
The simple answer is, it depends. Like any other channel in your mix, the budget needed to be effective depends on what you are trying to accomplish. That said, because you are able to make impression-based buys using detailed audience targeting, the budget threshold to buy premium TV inventory is much lower than it was in the past.