NBA generates high engagement and reaches 100% on-target audiences with VDO.AI


Campaign Overview

NBA, a leading US professional sports league known for big-city teams, aimed to create a buzz among its audience for the upcoming Conference Finals of the most awaited Championship Series in 2022. The brand wanted to escalate excitement and engagement levels with the help of new and revolutionizing technology.

Campaign Details

The NBA's campaign aimed to elevate fan engagement to new heights by targeting a highly specific group of NBA fans. To achieve this goal, VDO.AI implemented multiple innovative solutions, such as custom branded canvases and action-driven QR codes. These cutting-edge technologies were paired together to create a truly immersive and engaging experience for fans, bringing them closer to the action like never before. The result was a campaign that captured the attention and excitement of fans, driving unprecedented levels of engagement and enthusiasm throughout the NBA community.


Through this association, NBA successfully promoted the game and generated high anticipation and engagement.

  • 97+
  • 100%
    On-target delivery
  • 4X

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