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Understanding Website Monetization

December 29, 2020 3 min read
Explains about website monetization


Understanding Website Monetization

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What is Website Monetization?

The term “Website Monetization” explains the process of earning from your website or your blog by using your website or blog as an advertising platform for the companies that provide content or related to the site. Now to explain the process of monetizing your website, you need to choose and convert the existing traffic into a particular website which will, in turn, be converted into revenue. And the best way to monetize is to implement Display advertising (more accurately pay-per-click advertising and Cost per Impressions (CPI/CPM) advertising). The web publishers should consider some metrics for monetizing their websites like eCPM or fill rate (percent of inventory where ads can be shown by the partner advertisers).

Facts about Website Monetization

Why is it important to Monetize your Website?

Some of the important reasons as to why we all need to monetize our website are:

  • Revenue Expansion: The opportunity to earn more sounds lucrative and monetizing your website creates a window of opportunity and possibility. Depending on the website traffic, it may become part-time or a full-fledged thing or a significant part of your life.
  • Passive Income: With Display advertising (like pay-per-click or CPI/CPM) and Web push ads as your options to monetize your websites and once you set this up, traffic on your website will generate money.
  • Monetizing your blog is a possibility: Bloggers can now focus on monetizing their blogs by affiliate marketing, donations, and other ways for a chance to earn from their blogs.
  • The window of Options:  You can monetize different types of your websites or blogs in different ways creating a window of options for your monetization. If you are an anime or manga blogger, advertising merchandise or the DVD of a particular anime or collection of that particular manga you are reviewing is a good idea, or if you are a gym enthusiast and write about tips on nutrition and gym exercise routines, advertising gym equipment and right protein powder and supplements that you have reviewed or using it is a plus point for your blog.
  • More traffic and impressions: The relevancy of ads through programmatic advertising helps the website retain its visitors and have more impressions.
Revenues and Website Monetization

A platform to get Maximum Benefit out of Your Website to get monetized

There are many platforms like VDO.AI from which you can yield benefits for your website. But what exactly does VDO.AI do?  VDO.AI is a platform for web publishers that provides advertising solutions and makes web publishers hold the power of video advertising without doing the grunt work. It has an O&O native player that has extensive brand controls completely managed by the VDO.AI team, curates content by the in-house production team for every publisher, makes your website a hub for the leading advertisers like Netflix and Honda, and provides various ad formats for every brand from various demand sources. VDO.AI’s native units are designed to be non-obtrusive and provide a seamless way for publishers leading to an almost 50 percent increment of your regular earnings.

What does VDO.AI provide? It gives better and easier integration with the usage of single javascript, sources video demand from various video sources platforms like Google ADX with just one tag, and the video player, ad integration, and the video content all get bundled up in simple js tag, not done separately and also generate higher CPM from native video ads. With the VDO.AI dashboard once you sign up, checking accounts, date, and impression and your payments can be leveled using various filter options, and is just a click away!

VDO.AI Dashboard
Source: VDO.AI Team
(Snapshot shared from a dummy account)

Wrapping Up

After understanding the importance of website monetization, you should start doing it in all of your sites and blogs to start generating revenue. All you need is a platform like VDO.AI for initiating and spawning money. To get associated with us, click here or just drop us a hi on [email protected].

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