The Entertainment Division of VDO.AI – A team delivering unique scale across all screens and streams, marrying activations that generate hair raising engagements across environments like Gaming, Sports and Live Entertainment.

Experience How Our Innovations In CTV Can Deliver Unmatched Linear-Like Experiences With Industry Leading Results


Immersive Ad Experiences Powered for Your Brand

Our technology engages devices like Roku/Firestick and Apple to put the power in your consumer's hands to engage directly with Creative in ways never thought of before voting, finding locations, deep product dive, download, etc. That’s just the start!

  • 100%

    On-target delivery

  • 97%

    Ad viewability

  • 63%

    Interactive Engagement Rate

(data quoted basis our previous gaming/entertainment/sports campaigns)

Our Activation Model

War Gaming partnered with VDO.AI Entertainment to revolutionize its advertising strategy and drive engagement through unique brand experiences. VDO.AI Entertainment's smart use of AI-powered technology and advanced innovation took War Gaming to the next level. The platform empowered War Gaming to create highly engaging and personalized video campaigns that resonated with their target audience, resulting in increased engagement, conversions, and ROI.

  • Audience

    Our personalized cross-screen targeting approach maximizes advertising effectiveness by blending first-party and third-party data sources to reach the relevant audience. Through contextual and affinity targeting strategies, the platform deeply analyzes demographics and interests to identify the ideal audience for each video campaign.

  • Connection

    Our ground-breaking and highly compatible technology empowers advertisers to reach their audience seamlessly across all screens and streams. We ensure that video content is optimized for each screen and stream, whether it&apso;s a mobile device, desktop computer, streaming service, or gaming console.

  • Experience

    We empower advertisers with state-of-the-art tools and technologies to deliver high-impact, immersive video content that maximizes touch-points and ROAS. Using dynamic video and enriched display technologies, the platform creates a unique and engaging experience for the audience.

Our Work


NBA leveraged VDO.AI Entertainment’s technologically innovative CTV solutions to deploy a live dynamic in-tune messaging campaign and target a highly specific group of fans during the 2022 NBA Conference Finals. Engagements were a slam dunk!

Some Of Our Clients

American Rodeo