Redefining Consumer Experiences

Activate global scale across all screens and all streams

Accelerating Consumer Engagement

Boost brand impact with linear-like video solutions that capture consumer attention across all screens.

Multi-Layer Audience Targeting

Adopt our AI enabled, hyper-personalized video technology combined with premium inventory and intelligent data utilization to activate action-driven creatives. Create an immersive experience by establishing relevance and never miss a chance to build a deeper, lasting connection with your audience.


Engagement-Driven UX

Our ground-breaking and highly compatible technology enables marketers to communicate with their audience profiles in real-time across all platforms. Leverage VDO.AI’s dynamic video and enriched display technologies to maximize consumer touch-points and ROAS.


Cross Channel Integration

Our dynamic video and display platform deliver optimal cross-screen connectivity, monitoring audience duplication, incrementality against linear exposure, and better audience insights from dwell time to multi-touch engagements.


Advertiser Suite

Creative Innovation, Simplified

We’re transforming the way brands advertise

Our platform provides high-impact, norm-defying creative solutions that offer immersive experiences to maximize omnichannel reach. Make every campaign more efficient and successful through innovation.


Publisher Suite

Optimize for Monetization

We’re transforming the way publishers optimize their revenue streams

Through a strong relationship with premium demand sources, our platform not only serves compliant video formats, but also provides publishers with a variety of optimization and revenue augmentation opportunities.


We help you achieve enhanced brand awareness via superior direct reach, proprietary technology and high impact creative formats which provide high viewability and user engagement.