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Adapting To A Privacy First World

The impending shift away from third-party cookies is set to bring about a transformation in the massive digital publishing sector as it heads into an era without cookies. Yet, for those publishers who adeptly harness the right technologies, the death of cookies can be viewed as a chance to forge fresh revenue streams and restore trust with their audience.

  • As per Statista forecasts, the worldwide digital publishing sector is expected to reach $40.2 billion by 2030 with a 6.4% CAGR, propelled by expanding digital audiences. Publishers are actively seeking innovative ways to capitalize on these significant impressions while future- proofing their strategies. While third-party cookies historically played a vital role, their imminent decline necessitates the exploration of alternative approaches.

  • In This Ebook, You’ll Learn:

    • Changing dynamics of user privacy, data and security.
    • The growing importance of personalization and ad relevance to overcome privacy concerns and generate higher revenue.
    • Best practices for personalization with real-world cases.

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