Swiggy Captivates Remote Audiences For Its IPL Campaign Using VDO.AI's High-Performing CTV Ads.

Campaign Overview

Swiggy partnered with VDO.AI to harness the potential of remote-based interactive CTV advertising in order to amplify Swiggy Dineout’s “Match Day Mania Campaign”. The partnership aimed to establish an indomitable brand presence for Swiggy all while masterfully capturing the hearts and tastebuds of food enthusiasts, igniting their passion to stay engaged with IPL 2023.

Swiggy Captivates Remote Audiences For Its IPL Campaign Using VDO.AI's High-Performing CTV Ads.

A Glimpse into Their Experience

  • Collaborating with VDO.AI and Pivotroots Advertising for our Dineout and IPL campaigns has been an incredible experience. We are delighted with the level of engagement that the campaigns have generated and the significant value they have added to our brand.

    Jijo V Thomas

    Senior Marketing Manager at Swiggy

  • Our partnership with VDO.AI has showcased the power of innovation in achieving campaign success. Together, we will break barriers, push boundaries, and deliver campaigns that will resonate with customers and fans across the country.

    Alister Mendes

    Group Head - Digital at Pivotroots Advertising

Campaign Details

VDO.AI custom-tailored a powerful CTV strategy that aligned with their existing marketing objectives and successfully helped them drive awareness and engagement.

The campaign empowered Swiggy with high-yielding CTV ads that offered seamless ad experiences to viewers, augmenting engagement to new heights.

The campaign analysts at VDO.AI also conducted thorough research on intended audiences to implement practical contextual and affinity targeting solutions to generate relevant reach in an immersive CTV environment.

Interactive features including QR code wrappers with clear CTA were integrated into the ad to better resonate with the audience, compelling them to make a decision.


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    Engagement Rate
  • 18 Sec
    In-View Time
  • 79%
    View Through Rate