Scaler Leverages CTV Advertising To Boost Engagement And Increase User Interaction

Campaign Overview

To amplify Scaler’s new brand message of a need for talent that is both skilled and motivated to make a difference in the world, Scaler and Havas Media collaborated with VDO.AI for a successful CTV approach. With a young target audience leading to a change in content consumption patterns, Scaler wanted to explore the opportunity afforded by CTV to drive brand awareness, aided by a sharp creative influenced by content trends.

Scaler Leverages CTV Advertising To Boost Engagement And Increase User Interaction

A Glimpse into Their Experience

  • Using VDO.AI's CTV advertising strategy, Scaler was able to gain user interaction and engagement. CTV & VDO.AI was integral in Scaler's step towards amplifying meaningful reach.

    Ranjeet Kumar

    Head of Brand & Content

Campaign Details

To amplify the brand messages and to ensure high viewability for the ads, Scaler and Havas Media ran the CTV campaign with VDO.AI for 4 weeks starting Feb'22 connected with Scaler’s young technologists across India’s major cities. The campaign was centered around VDO.AI’s audience targeting capability. In association with Havas Media, Smart TVs and Connected Devices like Gaming Consoles were targeted during the campaign.

Besides Demo, Gender, and Geo-targeting, VDO.AI also leveraged Custom affinity targeting reaching out to the most relevant topics and interests. This was further layered with VDO.AI’s Seamless Server Side inventory matching and placement which ensured that the ads appeared only on placements where the audience was at their most receptive.


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