NYC & Co

NYC & Company's Success Fueled by VDO.AI's Unstoppable CTV Ads

Campaign Overview

NYC & Company partnered with VDO.AI to leverage its compelling and custom-tailored Connected TV (CTV) advertising for the promotion of its upcoming event, 'It's Time for Culture.' The primary goal was to boost event bookings, achieve relevant reach by targeting performance and arts enthusiasts as well as local audiences, and establish a strong brand presence in the competitive market.

NYC & Company's Success Fueled by VDO.AI's Unstoppable CTV Ads

Campaign Details

The campaign analysts at VDO.AI conducted thorough research and analysis of its target audience based on their online behavior and search history, enabling them to generate relevant reach and impressions in an immersive CTV environment.

The use of intelligent omnichannel video solutions ensured the ads were displayed in a relevant context and viewed in a safe and fraud-free environment.

To drive user engagement, action-driven creatives were utilized via dynamic QR codes to enable the Screen2Screen feature, with server integrations ensuring seamless delivery.

VDO.AI provided daily reports and a dedicated team of campaign specialists who offered 24/7 support for extensive performance measurement and thorough campaign optimization to maximize impact.


  • 98.09% (Higher than the industry average of 95%)
  • 73%
    View Through Rate
  • 12 Sec
    Average Time Spent
  • 29%
    Interaction Rate