Mobile SDK

Outperform your app’s revenue potential with our native mobile SDK

Premium, Targeted Demand

Our native mobile SDK is built to target the right audience with the right set of ads in an effort to maximise conversions. This ensures that we deliver superior monetisation and rich user engagement on our ad units at all times.

Our SDK helps app developers to build positive user experiences for the consumers and include them into their apps for monetization.

User Experience at Scale

We value the efforts you put in to build and grow your app, which is why all our ad units are designed to bring you pixel-perfect, tailored creative formats that blend in with your app with our lightweight, plug-and-play SDK.

Just pure performance, with no extra clutter or lags. Take complete control of your application ads via our SDK and open up a new dimension for revenue.

Engagement on Another Dimension

Engage your mobile app users with our mobile SDK, without compromising their in-app experience.

Viewability is the key to a good user experience, your users will feel right at home with our in-app ads.

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