Standard ad formats you love, topped up with our engineering and design

Responsive Ad Units

Our display ad units are responsive to the device where you serve them, and are easily integrated via hardcoding, and ad servers like Google Ad Manager (previously known as DFP).

Being responsive, our ad serving platform opens up more revenue generation opportunities for your website by increasing the number of devices being able to access the advertisements.

Enhanced Monetisation and UX

We value your readers’ experience and have engineered our ad units to be completely flexible in their layouts. This leads to a great user experience for content consumers and in turn increasing your revenue stream.

At the same time, our ad serving technology ensures that we deliver high performance by getting top advertisers bid for your inventory in real-time.

Beautiful integration

Get well-tailored responsive display ads on your website for enhanced user’s viewability.

Our ad units can be viewed in between paragraphs of website content, seamlessly integrated for delivering creative and effective ads.

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