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Redefining Video On Connected Devices

Reach Audiences Across All Screens

What sets us apart?

True Unified Auction Experience

Experience unrivaled direct reach as an advertiser and maximize the ROI across multiple platforms by leveraging 3000+ direct publishers worldwide. Publishers unlock over 50 programmatic exclusive demand partners in a single integration, to maximize revenue across devices.

Data And Targeting

Using multidimensional targeting and optimization, VDO.AI allows for extensive identity mapping, advanced consumer targeting and cookieless data signals. This gives brands the ability to target consumers based on purchase behaviors, location, TV viewership insights and much more.


Full Funnel Reporting

Go beyond primary metrics to gain a more comprehensive insight into how, when, and where people engage with your ads. Our intelligent omnichannel video solutions ensure that your ads are viewable, fraud-free, and shown in the right environment.


Unrivaled Global Reach

Our platform serves 4 Billion direct impressions every month across 3000+ premium publishers worldwide. Exceed your advertising objectives with our platform that incorporates demand, supply, and creative capabilities suited best for streaming across devices and channels.


We help you achieve enhanced brand awareness via superior direct reach, proprietary technology and high impact creative formats which provide high viewability and user engagement.